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Whether it is spotting warthogs on the savannahs of the Masai Mara, or being halted by playful elephants near Chobe, Africa offers unexpected experiences that give way to great stories; here are some of them…We have many more stories to tell, just contact us.

Rivers of sand & Jägermeister? Eat, sleep, fish? Gucci & the 4×4 extra mile? Spying on a dopey animal? A chilled glass of wine? Smoke that thunders?


  • Rivers


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    Namibia is a special place and one very close to my heart. Whenever I am in Windhoek I must go with my friend Rod on a Jägermeister tasting, no wine ways here. Jägermeister shots and bush stories, that’s the base of our friendship.

    In Namibia nature tells stories and so do people. The Namib Desert with its impressive formations of dunes and dry riverbeds is truly second to none. I could not imagine that life exists in a place where rain is as seldom as hot summers in Northern Europe. Engine on, low gear and I follow the river of sand for days. Here are no people, no civilization, I had to stock my supplies and plan well in advance. I’m out in no-man’s-land but I’m not alone, the wildlife is around me.

    Elephants walk in slow motion heading towards a hidden water source, a family of Baboons having a noisy fight and I hear a Lion roar in the distance, this is my Africa.

  • Eat

    sleep, fish?

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    It’s one of these days, disconnect, I feel like a free mind. “No rules” is the first and most important rule here. Let me sleep in, nobody bothers or knocks on my door asking to check the minibar or to change towels, it’s just me, the beach and the spirit of nature, a hidden gem somewhere along the African coast, secluded and intimate.

    The owner asks me if I feel like selecting my own fresh seafood dinner and I follow him to a hidden fish trap in the open sea. Which one do you prefer for supper? he asks, showing me dozens of colorful fish in all shapes… After a wonderful day blessed by sun, sea breeze and an elemental yet delectable dinner, I went back to my beach villa thinking about simple pleasures in life.

  • Gucci

    & the 4x4 extra mile?

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    Some years ago a friend of mine asked me to organize a real off-road African trip for him, he was travelling with his fiancé Kari, but some other friends and me were welcome to join. Adventure, the wilderness, good friends, a trip of a lifetime, I said to myself, that’s what I will organize. I went on to coordinate a special rough route including self-drive through Namibia, Zambia and Botswana, the local way, off the beaten track.

    I sent my friend a list of specifications, asked him to bring some high-tech walkie-talkies, and gave him the precise order to inform his girlfriend what to pack for the “special pre-wedding adventure” (he forgot this last task). I knew we were in trouble when I met her at Windhoek airport in high-heels and carrying a fancy designer handbag…. Very nice to meet you I told her, trying not to pull my hair.

    The adventure started right the next day; while setting up our “caravan” at a camp site, Kari came running out of nowhere: she left her suitcase open under what she thought was a nice cozy tree and a troop of monkeys went on the run with her underwear… Some days later, with no more paved roads, only bush ways made of the finest sand -challenging our 4×4-, and a huge number of Buffalos blocking the way, Kari -her last shower 48 hours earlier- wasn’t talking to us anymore.

    By the end of our journey Kari had cried, laughed, despaired. But also the intense beauty, peace and uniqueness of the experience stayed under her skin…until this day whenever she sees me she hugs me and says: I hate to admit it, but it was one of the best trips of my life.

  • Spying

    on a dopey animal?

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    My attentive butler served me a strong cup of coffee at 6:00 a.m. and it tasted like liquid adrenalin. I was ready to see what the Masai Mara had to offer today. Not even 15 minutes had passed and a crazy Warthog came running fast towards my safari vehicle. It’s only now I realized that this wild pig was ambushed and followed by a hungry lioness. Well, breakfast time I thought, and the chasing continued…then suddenly, and to my surprise, the Warthog just stopped running and yes, the lioness had her catch of the day. Why did this Warthog stop running? I asked my safari guide. He replied that the Warthog simply forgot why it was running away… It’s magical, it’s Africa!

  • A

    chilled glass of wine?

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    And yes, I do love the weekends in the Winelands! Many smaller and interesting vineyards exist slightly off the beaten track and just a short drive from Cape Town. Here, away from the mainstream, my favorite wine estate offers a ceremony to remember. Every Saturday morning, the owner and his son treat guests to the ultimate in wine theatre. Entertaining and educating at the same time, I can’t stop laughing, give me more of this show!

    Two hours later and a bit tipsy, the finest lunch ever will be served, oven warm homemade olive bread and regional specialties please my tongue, another day in paradise…or how the locals call it: A (perfect) Champagne day.

  • Smoke

    that thunders?

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    Back from an incredible helicopter ride, I realized why the locals call the Victoria Falls “The Smoke that Thunders”. It was a majestic sight to behold, breathtaking, impressive and mesmerizing. The chopper ride also gave my wife the great opportunity to use a hideous hat with her Passion for Africa attitude… I just had to let it go -at the end the pictures looked fine-.

    I’m back on my private discovery channel, the mighty Zambezi carries me along, zebras, hippos and the Victoria Falls are so close, I hear them loud and clear, I see the mist of falling waters. Enjoying a cappuccino in a lush garden surrounded by zebras and the Falls’ mist literally dampening my clothes, I wonder: what on earth did I do to deserve this…?